Counting my pounds to a better me.
I started September 3rd 2013, walking every morning and evening to and from my daughters bus stop. Now I go to a Fit Body Boot Camp every Mon-Fri as well as started using weights twice a week this week May 12th 2014.
I did my body fat% Dec 1st 2013: 44.4%
I started at 289lbs in Sept 2013
Got off track in Nov 2013 I weighed 299lbs
My heaviest weight was April 2012
Today May 14th 2014: 43.1%
281.6lbs this Monday May 12th 2014

I started this blog as many people do for support and encouragement to continue. I have been extremely busy with boot camp and staying active now. I post sporadically as of late. ;)

Well this Countess better start counting!
(Revised May 14th 2014)
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